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So what can MIT Consultancy Ltd offer? As per Regulation 10 of the Regulated Activities Regulations, duty of care is placed on the home care provider to undertake regular audits. MIT Consultancy will undertake and produce the audit report on your behalf. However, most importantly we will also help you become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your business in regard to the Heath and Social Care Act of 2008. Our aim is to ensure the same situation does not occur again.

When you don’t know where to turn for advice, why not give us a ring? With years of experience in dealing with a crisis, our Crisis Management service can provide your care home with the organisation required and if necessary provide a Crisis Manager to lend a helping hand through these challenging times.

Pre inspection Audits:

In recent times both social services and CQC have been less hesitant in taking enforcement action.

Many managers and providers have experienced inspections that have been worrying and potentially damaging. The new regulations have made it more difficult for managers to challenge these reports 

Our pre inspections (audits) can help you prepare for your next CQC inspection.

The pre inspection uses the same criteria used by CQC inspectors. The pre inspection report will provide you the information and help you understand the areas that may not be compliant and allow to put them right.

The pre inspection visit will help

  •      Identify good and safe practices that are compliant
  •      Identify with you any areas of non-compliance
  •      Provide  managers and staff the experience of a CQC type inspection
  •      To provide you with  recommendation plan to rectify any shortfall, before you are inspected by the CQC

Prior to your visit we will ask you gather information ready for the visit. This will include items such as training records, statement of purpose.

On the day of the visit, we be using a combination of pathway tracking, systems analysis, observational assessments and questioning of key staff, we will build a picture of your compliance against the selected standards.

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