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"In the Spotlight!"


Our "In the Spotlight!" feature lets you get to know our suppliers a little better!


This month features Marcus Leeming, the General Manager ofHygiene Cleaning Services Ltd (HCS). 

HCS has been supplying quality cleaning products and equipment for 33 years now, and have a wealth of experience in meeting and exceeding customer's requirements for cleaning materials and washroom hygiene.

Here is what Marcus had to say... 
1.   What single event or person gave you the impetus to succeed? 

My Sales director at my first company called Peter Matley, he was a real person and he motivated and helped me in my new role as Purchasing Manager

2.   Do you have a business philosophy? 

“Actions speak louder than words “is an expression that I have always liked and understood. You do hear lots of statements and promises that are not backed up with results and these are very disappointing. It’s refreshing when you find a supplier or a customer that understands the true value of service and commitment. 

3.   What was your first job? 

My first job at 12 years old was a car cleaner on a Saturday morning and I developed my own customers and cleaning on average 12 cars making me over 45.00 each week 

4.    What was the first lesson you learned in business?

Always be honest 

5.    What is the best decision you've ever made? 

To leave Oldham where I lived with my Wife and move to Morecambe. We have both been very happy in this lovely area and just celebrated our 25th anniversary at the Midland Hotel where we were married in 1986.

6.   Biggest regret?

Not starting Skiing earlier

7.   What was the happiest and the worst day of your working life? 

Happiest day was moving into our purpose designed building nearly 3 years ago. Worst day was the big freeze last year when we could not service our customers in the Lakes properly

8.    Who do you most admire in business? 
My Father in Law.  He still comes in every Tuesday and helps me with lots of difficult stuff
9.   How do you unwind away from the business? 
Nice meal and a glass of wine watching Grand Designs or Time Team
10.                What is/are your Unique Selling Point/s

We can supply any business in the area as everyone needs loo roll! No seriously being part of the Jangro group gives us such a massive selection of products that are cost effective for our customers and the quality of products is really exceptional

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