Hygiene Cleaning Supplies


 24 September 2012

Dear LCA Members


HCS have been Katrin Paper suppliers for over 30 years and Katrin have recently started manufacturing for some of Jangro’s own branded paper products.

In Scandinavian countries, environmental implications are considered at every stage of production and Katrin only uses wood pulp from commercial forests and never from conservation or other prohibited areas. Managed forests are “very young” forests where for every tree cut down 3 more on average are planted. The “youthfulness” of these trees ensures that much more carbon dioxide is converted into oxygen than an equivalent sized more mature forest. Katrin always favour railway transportation and waterways to assist in reduction of their and our carbon footprint.

When recycling paper, the printing ink removal from newsprint etc can become a massive environmental problem and can have a detrimental impact on what recycling is trying to achieve. The problem is that the thick black sludge that results is often land filled which for a typical large recycling paper plant can be as much as 70,000 tonnes of sludge per year! Katrin have developed a special combustion unit that burns this sludge and heats up to 5000 local homes near their plant in Central Sweden saving 5500 m3 of oil whilst lowering carbon dioxide emissions and reducing levels of waste in landfill sites. Now that is smart heat and smart paper too!

HCS try to assist environmental issues by encouraging their customers to re-use, recycle or return the cardboard packaging that our products are supplied in. HCS recycles all polythene wrap which is converted back to a reusable product and cardboard boxes are re-used and then recycled along with flat cardboard. We have a strict delivery schedule which would be in most cases twice weekly delivery to your business so we can reduce the amount of diesel we use.

So please consider the benefits of “managed forest” and recycled pulp and be prepared to accept a mix of both.

Marcus Leeming

General Manager