Cost Savings Survey


As part of your member benefits, you will be aware that LCA is always trying to bring you new benefits, some of which are highlighted in the newsletters. Well, our current benefit is to try and save you some money!
Are you willing to take the cost saving challenge?
The challenge is this:
Can you see if you can get, not just the value of your membership for free, but actually use the benefits we have to reduce your costs by 10 x your membership?
By following the link below, you will be taken to a survey with some questions on it about your areas of spend. By completing this, we will be able to match your answers to some key supplier deals that we have negotiated that can hopefully reduce your running costs. 
Once we have received your answers we can then give you an idea of how much we might be able to save you and see if we can hit your savings target.
Also, by completing the survey in full you get to go in to 2 prize draws!
The first is for a fabulous Fortnum and Mason hamper worth £250
and the second is for a brand new iPad!
Is this the sort of challenge you would be happy to take? After all, we are all looking to reduce costs, aren’t we?