Registered Care Managers Network

LCA facilitates a Registered Care Managers Network in and across Lancashire.

Key points from the meetings will appear on this page along with relevant information of interest to RCMs.

Forward dates for this meeting will be posted on this page. You will also find information in the LCA E-Newsletter.

Meetings are held at whichever member volunteers to host. We try to organise them around the county. Group size varies but is usually 6-10. The aim is small group, 'safe space', professional support. An LCA Certificate of Attendance is available for your CPD folder on request. Paul Simic chairs ( 

The group can invite guest speakers.

Issues arising from the meetings form the basis of the topics for the annual workshops at the Lancashire Care Conference (next is 21 September 2017). The 2016 workshops have been written up in Care Management Matters journal.

If you are a Registered Care Manager you can register for free access to CMM journal.

If you have any queries, wish to join the RCM Network, or wish to receive the fortnightly LCA newsletter, please contact:;

Tel: 01772 455574

The RCMN is open to all, LCA members or not.


Tuesday 20th February 2018

2:00 pm at Bethany House, Gamull Lane, Preston



Meeting Agenda 2018

Tuesday 20th February 2018

Meeting Agendas 2017

Tuesday 7th November 2017

6th September 2017

17th May 2017 

14th February 2017


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Meeting Agendas 2016

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30th November 2016



Notes From Meetings 2015

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