Long Term Funding of Adult Social Care 

The Communities and Local Government and Health Committees have launched a joint inquiry on the long-term funding and provision of adult social care to feed in to the Government's forthcoming Green Paper.

Submissions deadline 7th March 2018, written submission to the Communities and Local Government's inquiry on long term funding of adult social care here

LCA will draft a submission which will include the following key points:

- Value: recognise and value the role of the independent sector as system-shaper

- Engage: the independent sector fully in finding solutions

- Plan: using evidence-based approaches not ideology

- Start from square 1: an inductive approach should start with a clear shared vision of quality care and work through an understanding of costs towards budgets and funding, not the other way around

- Relationships: too often it is assumed organisational integration will automatically improve the way things work and in doing so ignore the importance of a facilitative culture allowing relationships and mutual understanding to build and trust to develop; this key learning point has come out strongly from the Registered Care Manager Network meetings when looking at the hospital – community interface.

- Workforce. Workforce. Workforce: it is building houses on sand if we don’t set out a fast track towards developing the 21st century health and social care workforce we need and deal with fundamental issues around pay, remuneration, training, skills, status and standing across the independent sector and NHS.

- Mixed economy: we operate through a mixed economy of care. We need to set ideology aside and work together for an affordable, quality, health and social care market. To do this we need to understand the role of markets and improve the commissioner-provider dialogue. Some argue against markets and for a single health social care service (a ‘NHSCS’) funded through taxation and publicly owned and delivered. Whatever the direction, we need to start from where we are and set out a clear path forwards.

- Money. It’s not all about money. The kindness and consideration that are fundamental to decent care sensitively delivered costs nothing. The cruelty that many vulnerable people have experienced in the name of care cannot be explained by the adequacy or inadequacy of funding. But, equally, it not’s not about money. For a competent and confident workforce working in a vocation that is valued and rewarding (and properly rewarded) there are substantial resource implications.

NB A link to LCA's submission will be on this page, when submitted


NW ADASS is out on market sustainability in the North-West

Read here

The headline point LCA takes from the report is this:  “incremental improvement is no longer enough. The only way that the demographic and cost challenges being faced can be met affordably will be through a ‘system wide transformation’ in how care and support needs are

• Minimised through prevention and early intervention approaches, and
• Met when long term support is unavoidable.”


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