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Asmall Lane, Scarisbrick, Ormskirk, Lancashire. L40 8JL
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Asmall Hall is a 17th century manor house, situated in five acres of grounds within a rural green belt area on the outskirts of Ormskirk. Accommodation is provided for up to 56 people, who require help with personal or nursing care needs. There is also a small unit for people with dementia related illnesses. The home has a minibus and trips out are regularly arranged to local places of interest. Asmall Hall is not on a bus route, but Southport and Ormskirk are only a short drive away.


Asmall Hall offers Personal Care (previously known as Residential Care). Predominently these places are for service users aged 65 years and over although the home is also registered for 5 clients suffering from physical disabilities under pensionable age.

Personal Care places are offered to people who require general support in their day to day lives. Asmall Hall aims to provide support with a minimum of interference into the person’s life whilst encouraging independence as far as reasonably possible. On admission to the home and on continual assessment of need, staff of Asmall Hall consult with the resident and his/her family to work out an agreed plan of care. Provision for fulfilling any social, educational or religious commitments the individual would like to pursue would be included in the care plan with the opportunity to produce an advanced care plan. A full activity program is available for those who wish to participate and staff are aware of the company’s community contact policy to provide residents choice. Therapies such as gentle massage, physiotherapy, etc, are easily available by arrangement at cost price.

Residents are invited to enjoy all that Asmall Hall has to offer including cosy lounges, welcoming dining rooms and beautiful gardens. Individuals are welcome to bring personal effects from home with which to furnish or decorate their room, so ensuring they are able to relax in a familiar and private space.

Should a service user on a Personal Care place require short-term medical care, this will be provided by visiting District or Community nurses.



Nursing care places are offered to people who have ongoing nursing needs, and predominantly these places are offered to people over the age of 65 but the home is also registered for 5 physically disabled people under pensionable age. Nursing care is provided by our own Registered General Nurses, many of whom have specific training and interest in particular medical conditions.

The Matron of Asmall Hall is responsible for ensuring that staffing levels and the qualifications of those on duty reflect the needs of the current residents.
Individuals on nursing care places are cared for with respect and dignity, allowing them to enjoy a relaxed but attentive environment where their needs are met but their need for privacy and choice is not compromised.

Complimentary Therapies such as massage are available from qualified staff at minimal extra cost.

External private therapists such as Physiotherapists will be charged at cost price and are therefore non-profitable to the company.

All health service provision of therapists will be accessible in the usual way.



Watching a relative or friend suffer from Dementia or even suspecting that they are, causes obvious anxieties for all concerned.

We recognise, realistically, that the most worrying anxieties are those such as:

· “How can I manage on my own and what help is available?”

· “What is going to happen now?”

· “I don’t want to be a burden but I can’t manage this for ever.”

· “Will it get worse than it is now and if so how much worse?”

· “How do other people cope?”

At this quality Home of Asmall Hall, we are able to allay many of these anxieties with information on the types of dementia care we provide in a way to suit the needs of the sufferer and their relatives and friends.

Every individual has different needs as they have led different lives and we recognise that individualised care has to be Person Centred to be as effective as possible to meet the need.

Day to day life, activities and Diversional Therapy are important aspects of care when intense memory problems become a focus of severe anxiety when irresolvable problems occur, such as the strong belief that parents and grandparents are still alive and waiting at home when the sufferer is already in their later years of life.

Our Mulberry Unit is self-contained in that it is carefully but tastefully decorated to address the needs of sufferers, in a carefully but interestingly thought out, planned area focusing on an individualized programme of care, in an adapted environment whilst the considering safety aspects.

Whilst it is important to maintain as much independence as possible at all times, we work together with sufferers and families to be able to take assessed risks as we aim to keep life stimulating within a safe environment.

For a simple example: Research-based appropriate colours are used in different areas such as bathrooms, toilet seats, corridors, dining rooms, bedrooms and even on door name plates.

Relatives and residents and friends are encouraged to have Memory Boxes outside each of their room which include items such as photographs of places to trigger happy memories and other small personal belongings.

Our residents are able to enjoy the large enclosed garden area and able to view the horses at the livery yard close by.

Smells, sounds, textures and tastes are part of our activity programmes and reminders which might appeal to senses long forgotten.

The Individualised Programmes of Care are provided by our trained and experienced staff in their understanding of specific needs of the many differing types of Dementia. Regular, updated training programmes are also paramount to the quality care we proudly provide and to ensure that training is provided to both Nurses and Carers alike as new research is developed in this specialist environment so that Best Practice is at the forefront of the care we provide.

Each resident has a Key Worker who works on the Person Centred, personal Care Plan which is created and overseen by the Registered Nursing Staff.

This Care Plan is created around the resident’s care needs but also after the receipt of a ‘Pen Picture’ of as many aspects of their life history as possible, which can be incorporated into that Care Plan. We have discovered that when staff understand the reasons behind the actions of someone suffering from Dementia, and the places that they have known, staff can relate and respond to these actions in a much more empathetic and respectful manner. These good relationships are important in promoting Dignity, Respect and the Equality they deserve to allay fears and anxieties which may be created by the nature of the disease. It is important that a sufferer is understood wherever possible even if they are unable to express their needs as accurately as they may once have done.

Our endeavour to ensure that simple tasks of daily life remain meaningful is important to us it is therefore important, wherever possible, to involve our residents in decisions to express their wishes. Research has proved that exercise, activities and reminiscence helps remind all involved that everyone has an individual, important history and social past with meaningful belonging. We therefore request that families and friends provide a ‘Pen Picture’ as soon as is reasonably possible so that we can build on personal strengths and interests to create a bond with other residents and staff in the absence of family members and friends present or passed on.

We encourage the use of our garden by all as a reminder to stimulate senses and we always welcome suggestions of how we could improve our service of individualized care in general.



The home is unusual in that it is able to provide 5 places for younger clients (under pensionable age but over the age of 18) who have a Physical Disability.

Our ethos is to provide a stimulating and accessible environment for our residents; helping them to maintain an independent and fulfilling lifestyle as possible whilst being offered the level of care and support they require. We encourage service users to pursue any educational or employment commitments they took part in outside the home, and make every effort to provide support for individuals to take part in social, family or religious activities.

Inside, the home is equipped with handrails along the corridors and supporting rails in the bathrooms. Hoists are available to allow residents to access bathing facilities, get in and out of bed easily, and a stairlift is installed on one staircase whilst the main lift holds 5 people.

The spacious layout with its classic decor provides a relaxing and easily accessible environment.



We provide short term and respite care to clients who normally live independently, or with family or other carers.

Short term care may be required when a client is recovering after an operation or hospital stay and requires extra support in the time afterwards whilst they recover enough to live independently. Clients on a short term stay are welcome to receive visitors, and drinks and snacks can be provided by arrangement.

Respite care is offered when a client’s carer is unavailable for a short period of time or just to allow the carer a well deserved rest.

Asmall Hall offers a reassuring welcome to residents who join us on a short term or respite basis, making sure that however long they stay, they enjoy a pleasurable visit in a home-from-home environment as far as reasonably possible within the limits of the disabilities of the resident.

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