About Lancashire Care Association

Representing Providers of Quality Health and Social Care
in Lancashire, Blackpool, Blackburn with Darwen and adjoining areas 


We are a not-for-profit company representing independent care sector providers - private and 3rd sector, larger groups and small independents, adults and older people, care homes and domiciliary care - and we argue, campaign and lobby for
Fair Fees
Based on a rigorous and fair independent costings model (follow the work of LaingBuisson.


Effective Representation
LCA represents quality providers in a constructive and structured dialogue with local authority ACS and health partners through the Health and Social Care Partnership and the Regulated Care Sector Workstream.
Safe Services
Safeguarding is 'Everybody's Business' and providers should be 'partners in Safeguarding'. Through the Safeguarding Adults Board and subgroups LCA contributes to Safeguarding in Lancashire.
'Balanced Scorecard' for Monitoring Quality  
Quality and contract monitoring - and inspection - should be proportionate and fair with a 'balanced scorecard' approach and an Appreciative Inquiry approach rather than a fault-finding and punitive one. 'Natural justice' principles should apply (fairness, absence of bias, use of evidence) and there should be a (West Sussex case) 'duty of care'  extended to employers.
Partnership Working with Local Authorities and Health Partners
LCA set up the 'Social Care Partnership' with LCC in 2004. It remains the key forum for strategic dialogue between providers and local authority commissioning, now extended to be the 'Health and Social Care Partnership'. For more information click here.
A Viable and Vibrant Quality Care Market 
We need a healthy 'mixed-economy' of care and a thriving independent sector driving that care economy. The public sector needs to work well with the private and 3rd sectors to ensure a system under the greatest pressure can function. 
LCA works with partners to innovate and support providers. Ask us about our work with Stephensons LLP, Caresolve, St James' Place Wealth Management, Citation, Care Management Matters / Care Choices and many others.


Support LCA
To find out more about joining LCA as a Director or co-optee and contributing to or supporting our programme of work email Sarah Luton sarah.luton@lancashirecare.org.uk


Any specific queries should be directed to LCA offices in Leyland:
Tel: 01772 455574 or email: sarah.luton@lancashirecare.org.uk